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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

8th graders Graffiti Creator work

8th grade students are studying the American artist Keith Haring and the Principles of Design. In order to get them used to the style of Graffiti and incorporate a name tag design for their name, students used the great web 2.0 site Graffiti Creator.

1st Block work

The only down side with the program is not being able to save your images. So, we had to use "print screen" and then paste/edit the photo in Paint. If you have a picture editing program at home (such as Gimp or Picnik), you can download your picture from this site and edit it more there.

5th Block work

If you do not see your picture in either of these galleries, it means you didn't post it to Edmodo.

You can also view this embedded powerpoint from Google Docs to learn more about the history of Graffiti and Keith Haring