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Thursday, February 9, 2012

8th grade Pre-Skills to Grid Portrait Dilation gallery #lessonplan #artsed #mathed

My 8th graders were first quizzed on how well they could draw a self-portrait with a mirror

Afterwards, I we spent the remainder of class working with guided insturction and I showed them how to draw a portrait in correct proportion


About a week or so from that, the students spent everyday working on a dilation from a photograph


They drew a 1" grid on a 4x6" photo, and then enlarged it to a 2 x 2" grid on a 9 x 12" piece of a paper.  


I was really amazed with the work they pulled off. Check out some of their progress from a pre-skills, to guided to final work in my photo montage video


And now.... for the afternoon students

And here are some pictures of their progress and final work


And don't forget the lesson plan in case you would want to use this for your art classroom