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Saturday, April 7, 2012

#HCSTechFair12 Student samples and robotics competition

Black Water Middle got quite a bit of exposure that day at the Tech Fair in the Myrtle Beach Convention Center. Such as our Robotics member Jason (click below for the video from Myrtle Beach Online)

You can also READ the Sun News article or" target="_blank">VIEW their Gallery of our students

You can also see a variety of our students preparing their display boards in the programming, 3d modeling, animated graphic design, creative/other and video editing categories

The day was spent dividing our time between making sure the students were already to go when the judges would come by to see their stuff and so that our students would know what to say when they got judged and making sure they got to check out the other fun things at the Tech Fair

Not to mention getting our Robotics Team ready to roll as they compete for the first time

But after all is said and done, we learned a lot on what to do and not do for next year's Tech Fair. We came away with four medals: 3rd place to Elena H, Diana S, and Amber C for their video editing; 3rd place to Erik J and Eric Z for Programming; 2nd place to Alex C, James F and Cedric Y for Programming and 1st place to Kristina M for 3D Modeling.