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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How to Share your homemade video game on Edmodo and a Gamestar Mechanic Prezi

This is a Jing tutorial that I made for my students so that they could learn on how to complete their game and then post the URL on our Edmodo site
Gamestar_Mechanic_Tutorial_-_Share_your_game_on_Edmodo.mp4 Watch on Posterous


Also, if there are any teachers out there that would like to do something fun, unique and engaging with your students - I would HIGHLY recommend you check out the site of  They offer up some great Teacher Resources as well. What I did was I went through the majority of their teacher resources and I have compiled the majority of the basic game design steps into a Prezi (which is like a PowerPoint on steroids.)  Below is a copy of my Prezi if you would like to use this in your classroom. (It is still a work in progress so be sure to check up frequently)