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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Jay Cut Tutorials - How to upload clips, edit them and publish a final film for the internet

Listed below are a variety of tutorials that I created for my students using the Jing software. I enjoy using Jay Cut because it is an online program, which means that students can easily edit their clips from any computer that is connected to the internet but it unfortunately has an extremely slow loading time for each time that you have to re-render a clip.

Also, if you are interested about a more in-depth review for the program of Jaycut (which can be found at please check out my article on Associated Content right HERE

From Dropbox to JayCut

jay_cut_tutorial_upload_footage.mp4 Watch on Posterous

My basic tutorial for the students to upload their clips to Dropbox, download them from Dropbox, and then upload the clips to Jaycut.

How to Trim Clips, Add Transitions and Issues w/ Saving

Jay_Cut_tutorial-_intro_to_trimming,_transitions_and_saving_the_project.mp4 Watch on Posterous

I provide a tutorial for my students on the basic introduction to the online video editing program - Jay Cut. Within this tutorial are the basics of dragging clips into the A/B roll, trimming them, inserting transitions and common issues one may have with saving the project.

Adjusting Visual Appearance of Clips & Drawing on Them

Jay_Cut_Tutorial_-_Adding_Text_&_Simple_special_effects_(adjusting_speed,_sound,_appearance_and_create_drawings).mp4 Watch on Posterous

On this tutorial, I show how you can add text, adjust the speed of clips, their visual appearance, sound and create drawings right on top of the film clip

Green Screen Special Effects w/ Jay Cut (replace your background)

Jay_Cut_Tutorial_-_Utilizing_Green_Screen_Chroma_Key_features.mp4 Watch on Posterous

By watching this tutorial, students can  replace the background of their scenes using Jay Cut's Chroma Key special effect. By recording an actor against a green screen (which could be just a piece of green paper), students can utilize Jay Cut's Chroma Key selector and change the background of the green into an image or the background of another video clip

Combining all of your clips together and Publish on the internet

Jay_Cut_Tutorial_-_Finalizing_your_Film_and_Publishing_it_.mp4 Watch on Posterous

I created one of the final Jay Cut Tutorials for my students so that each student would create one part of a film, and then so that the Director can then get each person's clip and compile it onto a final film that would be published on Edmodo and/or You Tube.