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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Sculptmaster 3D #app - Student gallery of Paper Mache mask designs #mlearning #edtech #artsed

In the past when I do my paper mache mask project, I have my students come up with a drawn and colored design of their mask that shows inspiration from either the Native American, African and Ancient Civilizations cultures.


The problem is, these students normally lose this paper or are frustrated that they can't draw. Luckily, the Sculptmaster app (with a Free version that doesn't have many exporting options) allows students to create a 3D representation with a clay simulation.  Lots of fun, but I would heavily recommend using stylus pens to help them add details.

I also found exporting the images as a little difficult from the teacher's stand point. Normally, they could upload to Dropbox, but the server had issues with us. I had to use the Macbook's IPhoto to pull any/all images off of the Ipods, but apparently most of the students didn't follow the steps to export their images correctly or else I'd have a larger gallery here