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Thursday, November 10, 2011

7th grade student gallery of @HansolHuh TypeDrawing contour sketches #mlearning #edapp #edtech #artsed

7th grade BWMS art students learned about the basics of line when it came to Contour drawing in class

Students learned the basics of Contour drawing and Blind Contour, to help them focus on the edges of their subject, to not pick up their pencil/marker and to increase their observation skills.

Students first did some basic contour sketches of their hand, and then they received their Ipod to use the free version of TypeDrawing

After receiving their Ipod, students were show the basics of the app, including typing in words to help describe their subject (whether a self-portrait or a neighbor), pick some colors and then be sure to export their image.

Some students even had time to download a picture of their favorite celebrity, and then import it as a background image. The students got a firmer grasp on contour drawing by tracing the edges of the celebrity, and then dropping the opacity of the image down to nothing so they could see just their sketch.