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Saturday, November 12, 2011

7th grade student gallery of Mai'Nada Comics Sketch #edtech #web20 #artsed #digitalstorytelling

7th grade BWMS art students got to experiment with the Comics Sketch tool on the Mai'Nada web site. 

I thought this would be a great web site for students to create an illustrated version of their formerlly created comic strips.


Alex's work


What the site actually does is it records every single "pencil stroke" that is created in the drawing, and then plays it back in an embeddable movie.

Users can add several panels like a comic strip, or just focus on one of them. The students can then embed their comic strip, such as onto Edmodo - but I wasn't able to get their work off of the Edmodo site afterwards.

Students do not have to create a username to start working, but then their work can get lost as some times the site just hangs up. My afternoon class had a few students that got to use the site, but only two of them could remember their log in info.

I think it is a nice site, but it could be very powerful with a stylus pen and if you wanted to show the individual steps on creating a detailed sketch.


Rebekkah's work