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Saturday, March 17, 2012

How to make movies in your class part 1: Student scripts on Cyber #Bullying w/ @TeamOpenOffice #cue12 #ctl2012

My 8th graders worked in teams and each picked up roles to create a film making team in order to create a music video on cyber bullying.

airiss.odt Download this file

The teams divided up into different roles: Director, Producer, Cinematographer and Writer/Actor/Production Assistant

bianca.odt Download this file

With the assistance of Edmodo, I created the assignment for each student in the group to come up with their own "draft" of a script that demonstrated knowledge of cyber bullying, which could be used as a public service announcment to our school on its dangers

brandon_smith_schedule.odt Download this file

This was a little difficult at times, as some of the students were frequently off task, did not like to write or they frequently lost or didn't know where they saved their file using Open Office.

cody_s.odt Download this file
A few of the total fourteen film making groups got their stuff together, and their writer delivered the final script that you see before you on this page
mckee.odt Download this file

In the mean time, the groups had their producer analyze the script and break it down into a shooting or production schedule. Telling me where they will be shooting on which days, with which props and costumes.

FINAL_script_by_benish_and_team.odt Download this file

After their schedule was done, they had to storyboard it using the Ipod app: Story Pages (which will be an upcoming post)

final_script_by_jeremy.odt Download this file

And even a few of them got to actually start to film already, but I think we are going to take a little break to focus on acting and continuity

James_F_group_final_script.docx Download this file

Stay tuned for more updates as they continue to shoot their films and create music with Aviary so that they can share the message of Cyber Bullying with a larger audience

josh_v_final_script.odt Download this file

If you would like to do this lesson in your class, feel free to check out my PREZI HERE on Cyberbullying / Film Making and feel free to modify it as you need

Lynch_final_script.docx Download this file
tom_c_layout.odt Download this file
adolfo_layout_for_the_film.odt Download this file