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Friday, July 12, 2013

Berthe Morisot Paintings - DrawCast Digital Portraits Lesson Plan

Berthe Morisot Paintings

Berthe Morisot paintings are some of the most touching, simple unique and passionate portraits around. She could very well be one of the greatest female artists of all time, and essential when looking at Impressionism. My students did a web quest on Berthe Morisot Paintings, a lot of them gave them a summary of what her life was about. I had them explore some of the artwork that she made and together they collaborated on what her artwork had in common.

Berthe Morisot Paintings Lesson Plan

Years ago, I made this Google Drive slideshow lesson plan that gave a lot more detailed info on Berthe Morisot Paintings and Impressionism, but it also gave instructions how to paint like an Impressionist. Their artwork is similar to a contour sketch project with TypeDrawing.

Berthe Morisot Paintings as Digital Art in DrawCast

Once the students knew a little bit about Berthe Morisot Paintings, they started to download public domain photos. The goal was to utilize the How to Trace Photographs in DrawCast tutorials that I made. The students would trace three photos similar to Berthe Morisot Paintings of women and children. Here is a collection of some of their work that they made in DrawCast. Last semester, my students did a very similar project when they made pieces of DrawCast art based off of Fauvist painters.

After the students created their three artworks, they would then arrange all three into a collection using Pic Collage App. The students could cut out and stack the various images on top of one another. They could also add simple effects or stickers to their collages. The final piece of art could be saved to their camera roll, and then shared with the class with Edmodo or Kidblog – so they could give each other some feedback.

Here are the written directions that I gave the students as they wrapped up their collages and had to expand upon what they did: Complete drawcast work on female artists

DrawCast also has a great option to export their art into a speed drawing to a YouTube video. The students got to pick their own music and I turned all of their videos into a YouTube playlist

 How have you used DrawCast or Pic Collage to make digital art like these Berthe Morisot Paintings?

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Berthe Morisot Paintings - DrawCast Digital Portraits Lesson Plan