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Friday, July 5, 2013

Google Sketchup dream house gallery

Google Sketchup Dream Houses

I can’t take much credit for this Google Sketchup project. The following samples of dream houses are the work of my two 8th grade girls who planned this concept. To read more about our project, check out Google Sketchup Flipped Class.  You can download this free program from CNET if you want to try it out. These students took lessons on how to build certain concepts that would be found in their dream home.

 Why use Google Sketchup?

  • A free program

  • Teaches 3D modeling tools

  • Promotes future art careers in engineering and architecture

  • Works with other Google tools like Google Earth

  • Can import/export other Google Sketchup models

 Dream House Requirements w/ Google Sketchup

After working with my student, we decided that she would show off some of the following basics concepts in their dream houses. It should have a living room, tv, couch, chair, stairs, swimming pool and a second floor. We also encouraged the students to paint everything within their dream house. Some of them also got to play around with the 3D text tool to type something on it such as their name.

Downside of Google Sketchup – 3D Warehouse

If you are not careful with Google Sketchup, your students MAY just want to get everything for their dream house from the 3D Warehouse. Google Sketchup has an online directory of 3D models (nearly everything you can think of) that have been made by users from around the world. Students can also upload THEIR project to the warehouse when they are done with the project. I made the poor decision for my previous lessons of using Google Dreamhouse samples in Sketchup during last semester and last year to let them explore the 3D Warehouse.

Google Sketchup Tutorials

Now, I can’t take any credit for these either. Years ago, I downloaded some of the Sketchup tutorials from YouTube and sent them to SchoolTube so my students could watch them during the school day. You can use the link for your class, but until then:

How would you plan to use Google Sketchup in your class?





Google Sketchup dream house gallery