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Friday, September 13, 2013

Propaganda Techniques in iMovie trailers

Propaganda Techniques in iMovie Trailers

Propaganda techniques

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Propaganda Techniques and film go so well together. I really like to do film making projects with my students. A great way to get them introduced into editing video is to make iMovie Trailers. Check out my previous blog post on How to make an iMovie Trailer, or scroll through this post for info.

Propaganda Techniques with Middle Schoolers

My students learned propaganda techniques when I showed them a few samples of commercials and they had to figure out which type of propaganda was used. I then asked them to utilize iMovie trailers to create a product or in some way convince me to buy into their idea utilizing one of the available propaganda techniques

Students collaborated in small groups and picked a type of trailer template that they wanted to use. From their choice of template, they could modify the text and pictures that they downloaded to meet their needs. Later on, this would lead the students into making bigger projects and this was for them to understand film editing.

Propaganda Techniques in your Classroom

Years ago, I used to use Photostory with propaganda techniques so that my students could make films in class. It is much easier to now do this with the iPads, but I could still utilize this old lesson so the students could analyze propaganda in commercials and World War 2 Posters

 Propaganda Techniques for Interdisciplinary Lessons

Propaganda Techniques lend themselves well to a variety of classes. I have found most of my success utilizing collaboration with my ELA teachers and Social Studies teachers. I didn’t want Science teachers to be left out, so I had some of the students create Smores Flyers on Energy with propaganda.

Propaganda Techniques Final Thoughts

I will continue to utilize propaganda with my students, especially in our digital storytelling projects. What do you think of my students’ films? Can you easily figure out which type of propaganda they used? How have you utilized propaganda in your classroom? I have used it in a variety of sources that you can check out at the bottom of this post for related posts on Propaganda.

Propaganda Techniques in iMovie trailers