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Friday, September 6, 2013

WW2 Propaganda Art using DrawCast on iPad

WW2 Propaganda Art Using DrawCast on iPad

ww2 propaganda art

 My 8th graders studied WW2 Propaganda Art in their Social Studies class and Media Arts. The students became inspired to create original pieces of art with the DrawCast app. Check out the full gallery in this Edmodo Folder: 8th grade Grid Painting 

WW2 Propaganda Art in a Grid Drawing

Students analyzed WW2 Propaganda Art and then used grid drawing techniques to further capture the style of the art period into Minecraft art. For more info on this technique, check out my previous post on Renaissance Grid Drawing.

ww2 propaganda art

WW2 Propaganda Art Directions for Students

One of the first things that the students had to do was analyze and get inspired by artworks that more than likely used the Renaissance Grid Drawing technique. The students and I found some great samples of artworks in this 80+ WW2 Propaganda Posters collection

After viewing and analyzing the artworks the students had to:

  1. Download the 1/4″ grid that I created for them from Edmodo

  2. Open up that grid in the DrawCast App

  3. On the Foreground layer, they should make up a line drawing that shows:

  4. One type of propaganda, a generic propaganda type and patriotism

  5. Color in Lightly over the whole grid

  6. Turn the grid drawing into Minecraft Art (to be seen in a future post).

  7. Utilize skills learned from previous DrawCast Female Art Project

You can get more detailed instructions on this lesson from a WW2 Propaganda Posters pdf

 WW2 Propaganda Art Lesson Plan

In years past, I have done a variety of Propaganda projects that have been modified to fit a certain grade level. Here is a great Powerpoint full of WW2 Propaganda Art as samples and writing prompts:

WW2 Propaganda Art Student Samples and More

Check out some of my previous Propaganda projects. Not all of them are based on WW2 Propaganda Art, but more like the quality of convincing others with their art. In the old days, the kids made Propaganda Animoto Videos now we are on YouTube – which you will see in an upcoming post.

WW2 Propaganda Art using DrawCast on iPad