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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Build your Wild Self Stories : 6th graders collaboratively create Avatars w/ Pages


6th Grade Media Arts students utilized the web site “Build Your Wild Self” to design themselves as a regular avatar and one that features animal characteristics. The students took screen captures of their avatars off of the web site and then imported them into the publishing app – Pages

Jaden_Animal.pdf Download this file

Within Pages, the students got to digitally edit their photos, such as inserting borders on them and cropping out parts of the photo that they didn’t want. Once the photos were laid out, the students collaborated with a partner to write a story about how they turned into a monster.

Kristina_animal.pdf Download this file

One student would write the intro to the story, then exchange iPads to write the final paragraph on how they became a monster.  Check out some of these great and colorful published works that will soon become an iBook.

Animal_Vanessa.doc Download this file
NEW_Aliyah_animal.doc Download this file
Timothy_Animal.pdf Download this file
Trinity_animal.pdf Download this file
Addison_animal_.pdf Download this file
Elijah_d_animal.doc Download this file
Megan_Bright_animal.doc Download this file

Ryanator_Moss_Animal.pdf Download this file