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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Student gallery of Minecraft architecture screen caps


To start off with the project, I provided several examples of architecture floor plans for my students. I discovered some great sites about Medieval Castles that got me started, but then I thought I could combine Ancient Egypt and Colonialism into it, which was what the other grade levels were studying in Social Studies.

I pulled these images off of iPhoto and then shared them through Dropbox. It seems a lot of the students utilized tunnels as part of their design. I think the majority of them used them as a defensive maneuver for their attackers to fall into and/or as an escape route

My 7th graders designed Medieval Castles. Some of them utilized moats, some made towers and others utilized cobblestone so that they couldn't be mined into as easily

My 6th graders designed Pyramids/Ziggurats and my 8th graders made Colonial Homes. I think the 8th graders had the hardest time designing their style home, and some just got caught up in a tunnel

Although, I must say, it was a LOT of fun watch the students compete against each other to see who made the best world as they accessed each other's server in a little Minecraft tournament.