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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

How do you work together in Minecraft to solve a problem

Just a day or two left before the students complete their overall works of collaborative architecture.

I am the hunter, he is the gatherer and he is the miner...

I was really impressed how much the students independetly started to divide the roles and responsibilities within their teams. Some of them would soley "hunt/gather" resources, while others focused on building tools or the main structure.


There were times when I was worried that they would be TOO caught up in the playing of the game and not creating the art. I tried to use some of the questioning that I have above, and for them to post screen captures of their work on Edmodo.

I was also a bit upset that some of them thought it was fun to take out their partners and steal their partner's resources. This wasted a lot of time. Some other "Minecraft Pros" found out how to copy and/or hack into another teams' server. 
 Overall, I think this is an excellent tool that can be utilized in a variety of classrooms. My students found it very addicting and it was glad to see how excited they were about the content. I developed a Flipped Class project based on their interests and made it an interdisciplinary project  by collaboratng with the students' Social Studies content