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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Black Water Middle's Books on the iTunes Store - download them here

How exciting to see the Media Arts students' works now available for free download on the iTunes bookstore. The links directly under the pictures will take you to the iTunes store. The links directly ABOVE the photo will give you more details and the lesson plan we used to make that book.


BWMS 6th Graders Go Wild

 by Black Water Media Arts students

Build your Wild Self Stories : 6th graders collaboratively create Avatars w/ Pages lesson


Black Water Middle School Memoirs Pages 7-1

Digital Storytelling In Pages

Students give writing Feedback via iBook after writing in Pages about their Memoirs


BWMS Toontastic Memoirs

 by Black Water Media Arts students

Toontastic : animated #digitalstorytelling #ipaded about Skyrim

Not to mention the most popular Manga book by the 7th graders

Black Water Middle School Manga

Black Water Middle School Manga

by Black Water Media Arts students

Manga Camera / Comic Book app creations within Pages (samples and lesson plan)