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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Smore flyers on compare/contrast Energy Science/Art collaboration

Smore is a great tool I let my students use to create flyers and posters. The free web based application allows students to easily make flyers and incorporate web content, while sharing it through social media.


Read below to see the work my 6th graders did as a collaboration project between the Media Arts and Science. To introduce the students to Smore, they at first made

Smore flyers that promote the Media Arts in Black Water Middle

You can  use my rubric below for the project, or some other resources in my Smore Energy Flyer Edmodo folder

creating_a_flyer_in_smore_rubric.docx Download this file
Here are some of the flyers that my sixth graders made that compared/contrasted two types of energy



Champy's Jaden's


Trinity Hol.