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Monday, February 18, 2013

How to use 123DSculpt app and 3d models of bodies on Pinterest board

My sixth graders were introduced to the free app 123dsculpt using the template of a human body


Don't forget to check out the movies that my 8th graders made of their sculptures too:

123DSculpt spinning cubes of 8th grade sculptures

They also had a day to use this before I even touched it, so they helped me make up a tutorial

For the first day, the students just played around with the app, using the human body as a template. They posted their work to Edmodo and Kidblog and I felt it would be easiest for me to post their work to Pinterest



You can even take a photo of yourself and rub it onto the model! Check out the rest of these works on the class Pinterest board     123DSculpt App work of bodies