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Friday, August 9, 2013

Explain Everything iPad App Flipped Tutorials -How To Make Digital Art

Explain Everything iPad App overview

Explain Everything iPad App is a great way for people to share their findings and discussions in an app. I recently made an explanation of Explain Everything in my iTunes course: “Students as Content Creators.”

explain everything ipad app youtube playlist screencap

Explain Everything iPad App helped my students make a great collection of flipped tutorials on how to make DrawCast art

Explain Everything iPad App is great because:

  • Can import media from other apps like Google Drive, Evernote or Dropbox

  • Turns boring old slide shows into more engaging movies

  • The “slide show” movie can be exported to the camera roll or YouTube

  • Perfect for the Flipped Classroom, like when my students Taught Google Sketchup

  • Explain Everything iPad App is affordable and powerful. $3 on iTunes Store

Why we chose the Explain Everything iPad App in class

I was frustrated with the fact that my students weren’t following directions in their DrawCast / Female art project. Apparently, they felt that the written and video directions were too confusing. My previous post about How to Trace Photograph with DrawCast had a video tutorial playlist AND written directions. But for some reason or another, Explaining Everything wasn’t helping my students.

As some of the students finished up early, I had them follow these Complete drawcast work on female artists directions. They opened up the Explain Everything iPad App and the guidelines were that their film needed to have the following:

  1.  Movie made with Explain Everything iPad App needs to explain step by step of project

  2. Explain everything about inspiration from the artist

  3. Explain everything about the artist (a biography)

  4. Explain everything about three of the artist’s notable pieces of art

  5. Get creative with the app and export the film to camera roll or YouTube

Explain Everything iPad App Movies on YouTube

The students could basically create a slide show and record their voice as the narration. Some of the students didn’t want to talk in the Explain Everything iPad app movie, so they used a laser pointer. Yes, you could trace your finger around as a pointer to guide the viewer and then advance to the next slide.

The students made more of a “student friendly” approach to the project which they could then export the video/slide show to YouTube. I then compiled a list of all of their projects for future students into a YouTube playlist.

How have you used the Explain Everything iPad App in your class?


Explain Everything iPad App Flipped Tutorials -How To Make Digital Art