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Friday, August 23, 2013

Renaissance grid drawing on iPad w/ DrawCast

Renaissance Grid Drawing with the DrawCast app

renaissance grid drawing of anatomy 6th graders studied the characteristics of Renaissance grid drawings and were then sent to the task to recreate this out of Minecraft blocks. Check out the Edmodo folder of DrawCast grid paintings of Renaissance Art

 Renaissance Grid Drawing by Albrecht Durer

Renaissance Grid Drawing was a technique used by artists of the time period like Albrecht Durer to capture proportion and distortion in their artwork

renaissance grid drawing albrecht durer

Albrecht looks at the model through a grid painted on glass and transfers each grid square to the paper

Renaissance Grid Drawing Directions

One of the first things that the students had to do was analyze and get inspired by artworks that more than likely used the Renaissance Grid Drawing technique. The students and I found some great samples of artworks in the History Channel’s page on The Italian Renaissance

After viewing and analyzing the artworks the students had to:

  1. Download the 1/4″ grid that I created for them from Edmodo

  2. Open up that grid in the DrawCast App

  3. On the Foreground layer, they should make up a line drawing that shows:

  4. Inspiration from Anatomy, Religion and Shows Depth

  5. Color in Lightly over the whole grid

  6. Turn the grid drawing into Minecraft Art (to be seen in a future post).

  7. Utilize skills learned from previous DrawCast Female Art Project

Renaissance Grid Drawing Lesson Plan

Renaissance Grid Drawing is something that I have been doing for years now with my students. I have modified this project from an older pre-existing PPT starting on slide 18

Renaissance Grid Drawing Samples of Student Work

Through the years, we have done a variety of art projects that utilize the Renaissance Grid Drawing concept. We have taken photos of the students and they copied grid by grid to created Grid Drawing Self Portraits. Some of the students changed the shape of the grid, such as in the Power Point below, for a distorted grid portrait. For Black History Month celebration, whole classes collaborated on a massive dilated Renaissance Grid Drawing based on a notable celebrity.

The next step will be how these students will create a dilated grid drawing in Minecraft

How have you used Renaissance Grid Drawing techniques in your class?

Renaissance grid drawing on iPad w/ DrawCast