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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Peer review feedback via iBook for Publishing project

Peer review feedback makes better student writers

Peer review feedback can really help some students to become better writers. For this lesson plan, after my students published their writing about animation, their peers would review it.

Everything was published into an iBook and then my students could download it to their ipads and read each other’s writing.

Peer review feedback : Check out the iBook

My 7th graders and I compiled an iBook about their Toontastic cartoons and stories that they wrote. Prior to giving their peer review feedback they had to download the iBook from Edmodo. You can check out the complete Toontastic Memoir iBook or the previous lesson plan about using Toontastic as a Digital Storytelling tool

Peer review feedback : Screencap Gallery of Work

Each student had to read another student’s work, and then provide peer review feedback using the iBook’s features.

Probably one of the neatest things was to highlight a particular passage, and then insert a note that gave a bit more feedback.

Peer review feedback : How to Share Feedback

The problem with having thirty iPads is how will the students receive their peer review feedback? The good thing is that you can put ALL students work in it from both classes, so that everyone can see each other’s work. BUT I was faced with the problem was how could a student share what they posted AND let the writer learn from it.

I had the 7th graders take a screen capture of this peer review feedback. All of my students had an Edmodo account and Kidblog. The downside of using Edmodo would be that making this feedback public for the whole class to see. BUT the good thing was that everyone else could see the feedback and the original writing.

I think iBook has a LOT of potentials, especially when the students can now become content creators and not just content receivers. See my other animation resources to help with writing:

Creating Animation on an Ipod or Open Source Programs

Peer review feedback via iBook for Publishing project