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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Flipped class on Google Sketchup and HTML

Flipped Class – How to get one started

Flipped class you say? Luckily, I have had a little bit of experience with a Flipped Class before. I had my students show me how to use Minecraft in class. They have also helped me to create a flipped class showing off pieces of technology, which I have turned into future tutorials.

 flipped class on google sketchup

Flipped Class is all about….

I like to think that a Flipped Classroom is when the students become the teachers, and the teacher becomes the facilitator of the learning. I also like to be the student in the classroom as the kids show me a thing or two.

flipped class on google sketchup building

Flipped Class Intro

A lot of the media that you will see on this site was raw footage from the flipped class that I created. BUT the best way to see the learning is the combined video that I created at the top of this post.

Basically, it all started off with one of my students who won the 3D modeling category at our HCS Tech Fair. I wanted her to showcase her knowledge and skills of using Google Sketchup with her peers. I was also frustrated with previous Google Sketchup classes where I taught my students, so I thought she could do it a bit better.

LUCKILY, this flipped class was a 2 for 1 deal….

My Google Sketchup Pro had a friend that didn’t want to be in class by herself. LUCKILY, this girl was also quite knowledgeable with HTML. These students also had some previous Coding and Programming experience using the Hopscotch App. The girls worked together to divide the classes in half. They assisted each other for when it was their flipped class, and when it was their partners.

Sometimes they were the teacher, and sometimes they were the teacher’s assistant. Together, they both learned things about Google Sketchup and HTML coding. There was actual learning held by all, including all of the students and myself.


Ms Jada ran the other half of classes as she taught them HTML to design their own web site from scratch


 DO YOU LIKE FLIPPED CLASS? Hit reply below and tell me how you feel about the Flipped Classroom – pros, cons, lessons?

flipped class on html color coding

Flipped class on Google Sketchup and HTML