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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Perspective Drawing of the Renaissance with GIMP

Perspective Drawing Intro

To get my students into Perspective Drawing, they at first have to study some art from the Renaissance. On the day that I am not in class, I give them a handout with basics on perspective drawing that can get the students to independently draw the one point perspective of a room. Drawing in One Point Perspective has some great tutorials. I took a good chunk of them and turned it into this PDF of perspective_drawing directions for my students.

Perspective Drawing to Digital Art

When I returned from my sub, my students had to take a picture of their drawing on their iPad and send it to their Kidblog account. We used these directions on how to send their perspective drawing to kidblogperspective drawing to Kidblog.

Perspective Drawing outlined/painted in GIMP

By using my GIMP tutorials, students learned the basics of layers when working with their Perspective Drawing.  One layer was an outline of their lines in correct perspective. Another layer became their paint. Their final layer became pieces of artwork from the Renaissance that they pasted utilizing the Perspective tool. Check out my old Google Drive Slideshow lesson plan

Why GIMP for Perspective Drawing?

  • GIMP is free version of Photoshop

  • Gave students time to work on desktop instead of just mobile devices

  • Great tool to make straight lines (perfect for perspective drawing)

  • Utilize numerous layers while creating artwork

  • Potential to save file to different file types

I only wish there was a GIMP like tool for the iPads. It is a little difficult to try to request the computer lab for a few days to get the students to do the project. I have also done this very similar project with my 7th graders with Surreal Perspective Drawing. But when not drawing/painting, GIMP is also a great tool to cut and edit photos to make a new and different piece of art.

Have you used GIMP as a Perspective Drawing tool? How so?


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Perspective Drawing of the Renaissance with GIMP