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Thursday, June 20, 2013

iTunes U Course : "Students As Content Creators" - my resources to make digital art

iTunes U Course: “Students As Content Creators”

iTunes U as a final project? What an honor to be one of twenty people in my school district that got invited to be part of this committee.

itunes u course for students as content creators

iTunes U direct link to : “Students as Content Creators”

If iTunes U has an opportunity to showcase the best of the best for my school district – what would go in there?  A selective group of people was asked this question as we brainstormed ideas on what the teachers in our county would need for technology infused staff developments.

I wanted my iTunes U course to focus on creativity, which is something the students and I have done for the past seven years. Luckily, I had blog posts going all the way back to 2010, so I was able to easily pull content from there for this project.

iTunes U course “Students As Content Creators” intro w/ a video

The rest of my course focuses on the main ideas on what to do with technology

“Students As Content Creators” categories:

  • Digital Storytelling

  • Film Production

  • Animation

  • Digitally Edit Photographs

  • Gaming

  • Sharing with Social Media

  • Links to student work, such as with Hopscotch Programming 

iTunes U also features over courses from other district teachers

The other teachers in our group did an awesome job focusing on other needs for our district. Some of them designed courses around Smarboard Technologies, How to Incorporate Technology into the core classes. Tutorials on using Educreations within the Math Class. Technology use of High School Biology. Check out Horry County’s listing of Programs on the iTunes U store in iTunes.

iTunes U Horry County Schools lessons for Professional Development

All together, it was a great four days and we impressed each other as we designed these courses. Perhaps I will do some more in the future

How would you use iTunes U for your school or district?


iTunes U Course : "Students As Content Creators" - my resources to make digital art