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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How to Program with Hopscotch - How do you get an App to Program Art

How to Program with Hopscotch? Read my article on Yahoo! Contributor Network

how to program animation in hopscotch

How to program animation in Hopscotch

how to program animation in hopscotch app

A student programmed this in Hopscotch

How Do You Get an App to Code? How to Program with Hopscotch

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This video showcases a collection of animations that my students programmed with the free Hopscotch app and how I collaborated with another school using Google Hangouts

How to program with Hopscotch was a simple choice

Over the years I have done a variety of projects that use animation and teach the students how to program. But, I’ll let my Hopscotch article about How to Program and make animation do a little explaining instead with this sample:

How to program on an iPad was something I Googled a few weeks ago. I came across this free application program called Hopscotch. But how do you get an app to code with students who have little or no experience? Luckily, the programming software was simple because:

  • Students learn how to program by trial and error

  • Dragging and dropping codes similar to Scratch programming software

  • Students see how do you get an app to use Math terms with Art

How to Program on an iPad

In the past, I showed my students how to program with Scratch. The students could drag a command “to move” and snap it together for a grid destination. Watch their animations and see what they made. The problem is that Scratch is Flash based and previous students were frustrated with it. But now, that I am an iPad teacher; I need to find out how do you get an app to draw shapes and make geometric art?

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Want to learn more about Programming or Animation? My students have done a variety of projects. They have learned how to program using Gamestar Mechanic to design their own video games. They have also made simple animations using tools like Animation Creator and Toontastic.

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How to Program with Hopscotch - How do you get an App to Program Art